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Men's Ministry

The ministry to men at Salvisa Baptist Church is focused on challenging and equipping men in three ways:

1) To grow and learn the duties and responsibilities of being a godly man.

2) To have the confidence and courage to reach out to another brother in times of need.

3) To establish our witness in the community and take an active role in our church and our community. We are sons of a King.

Grow and Learn

Grow and learn the duties of being a godly man. We truly believe that it is the responsibility of a godly man to lead. We believe that it is not only important to lead at our jobs but also within our marriages and relationships, within our worship, and within our parenting. We strive to follow our model Jesus Christ while we become the leaders that God desires us to be.

Confidence and Courage

Confidence and Courage to reach out to another brother in times of need as a group of men. It is critical that we stand with each other in life. We have found that it is very beneficial to a man to have a group of brothers to rally around them during a “battle” or a “storm.”

Establish a Witness

Establish our witness in the community and within the church. We will mainly do this by spreading the message of Jesus Christ. Whether we are at a neighborhood barbecue, a church service, or a softball game, sharing the message with our friends and family, neighbors and coworkers here in our area is an important part of our walk with Christ.

So come and be a part of this group.