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  • Salvisa Sunday Live Services

    Join us for in-person services each Sunday, 9 am & 11 am in the sanctuary!

    Sunday School is also available for all ages from 10:15-10:45 am each Sunday. 

    Wednesday Night In-Person Services 6PM 

    Worship with us every Sunday morning via our live stream, or watch previous services on our Facebook and YouTube channels below.

    SBC Facebook Page

    SBC YouTube Page

  • Mark Your Calendars for VBS!

    Vacation Bible School will be held June 27 - July 1 this year, and we need your help! Contact Emily Daniels for more information on how you can help with this important ministry. 

  • SBC Kidz Missions Start Back!

    Wednesday, January 20, 2021, 6:00-7:00 pm - SBC Kidz Activities Resume!  
    All children (preschool through 6th grade)  are invited to join us in the CLC from 6-7 for an hour of music, bible stories, games, pledges, and snacks. Anyone wishing to volunteer for SBC KIDZ on Wednesday nights, please contact Emily Daniels.


      3rd - Marla Bryant

              Rylie Johnson 

      5th - Wesley Jorette

              Anna Warren Nesbitt 

      6th - Connie Jones 

              Mark Smith  

              Savanna Burton   

      7th - Casey Jones    

      8th - Anthony Hamlin 

              Jeff Coulter 

      9th - Heather Long 

    10th - Sherry Brock 

              Aubrey Jones 

    11th - Charissa Wade 

              Raegan Daniels 

    13th - Ricky Sparrow 

    14th - Travis Long 

    16th - Beth Crouch 

              Alicia Nichols 

    17th - Bonnie Sexton 

              Gio Ward 

    18th - Shirley Sanford 

    19th - Art Hembree 

              Peggy Johnson 

              Aisley Winters 

    20th - Zoey Ward 

    22nd - Parker Nesbitt 

    24th - Duane Flora 

    25th - Hannah Johnson 

    26th - Bruce Wade 

    29th - Myron Ellis 

              Liam Lewis  

    31st - Lissa Woodyard 

             Cole Jenkins 




      1st - Robert Johnson

               Madelyn Goodlett

     2nd - Ashley Roby

               Whitley Durbin

               Kylee Durbin

     3rd - Tina Bullock

               Kaden Jones

     4th - Heath Shewmaker

     5th - Carl Curtsinger

     6th - Erin Burton

     9th - Wyatt Chilton

                Levi Ward

    10th - Roy Watts

    11th - Miranda Goodlett

               Curtis Wells

    13th - Brittany League

    16th - Shirley Johnson

    19th - Lela Crossfield

                Bill Arias

    20th - Alexa Wade

    23rd - Scott Yocum

                 Leniece Dailey

    25th - Emerson Daniels

    26th - Clay D’Lugos

    28th - Emmett D’Lugos

    29th - Kathy Rowland 

    30th - Eddie Burton

                 Collin Wilson

    31st -  Allen Nichols

                Coy Chilton


      1st - Greg & Mindy Henson 

      3rd - Bobby & Pat Ross 

      6th - Curtis & Kasey Wells 

    21st - Mitch & Annette Whittle

               Coy & Kelly Chilton 

    25th - John & Christen Durbin 

    28th - Brian & Michelle Winters 

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