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High School Apologetics Study: March 15, 2020, Truth

March 13, 2020, 8:21 PM

Take a minute and think back to when you had an "ah-ha" moment, a moment of sudden realization or insight that you didn't have before. Maybe it was a concept in school that finally made sense to you. Maybe it was a problem with a friend that you finally figured out how to resolve, or maybe it was realizing the impact of Jesus' sacrifice for you.

This week our study takes us to John 3:1-21, where we will look at the story of Nicodemus, a man of the Pharisees who had an encounter with Jesus. Through this interaction, Jesus invited Nicodemus into a new and fresh knowledge of the truth, truth that is meant to set Nicodemus free.

Take a few moments today to read John 3:1-21, and memorize verse 21. Also, take a look at this weeks video  - Journey: Advocates - Truth

Don't forget to bring your books and invite a friend to join us! 

See you Sunday! Kenny B.