COVID-19 Response

Here's what we're doing to ensure your safety and health during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As we prepare to Re-Enter the buildings and gather as the church, we are working hard to formulate a plan to keep everyone as safe as possible and at the same time have a sweet time of Worship. 

As we move forward, we have first established a Re-entry team that is working diligently to help us Re-Enter the church property in a safe and healthy manner. Please be in prayer for this team as we have a big task ahead of us.


We will be re-entering to in-person Worship Services June 7th, 9 AM & 11 AM. 

You can also watch our Sunday services live on Facebook at 9:00 a.m., or watch them on-demand on our YouTube channel

9/27/2020 Update - Click here for an update on Children's ministry programs, including nursery, children's church, and Wednesday night missions. 

  • Children's Program Update!

    Click here to find out what's coming up with our children's programs! 

  • Salvisa Sunday Live Services

    In-Person services each Sunday, 9 am & 11 am.

    Wednesday Night In-Person Services 6PM 

    Please be checking out our Covid19 page

    Worship with us every Sunday morning via our live stream, or watch previous services on our Facebook and YouTube channels below.

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      5th - Chris Bryant 

               Dana Rorer 

               Linda Horton 

               Jim Cherolis  
     6th - Dodie Shewmaker  

     9th - Amy Riley                                    

    10th - Julie Soard 

               Danny Williams 

    15th - Tim Rowland

               Robin Smith 

    16th - Autumn Flygstad 

    17th - Cole Curtsinger 

    18th - Corinne Mattingly 

                Jaycie Sanford 

    19th - Ray Woodyard 

    21st - Adam Curstinger

    24th - Robert Shewmaker

    25th - Mike Riley 

    28th - Jacob Long 

    30th - Haley Rowland 

                Martha Cosby




      1st - Marla Hack

              Jonathan Kays

      3rd - David Goodlett

              Jackie Griffey

      7th - Debbie Boswell

              Cloey Henson

      9th - Joyce Gash

              Noah Nichols

    12th - Doris Goodpaster

               Laura Baskin

    13th - Judy Rose

              Jim Johnson

    20th - Larry Boswell

              Kelton Wells

    24th - David Long

    25th - Carolyn Noplis

    27th - Gabe Sanford

    30th - Owen White

    31st - Cooper Smith




  September 2020  
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